Events | Grupo Tom Brasil



Organizing events is enable dreams

What seems so simple requires practice, agility and professionalism. Tom Brazil already amused, thrilled, delighted and served more than 500,000 people in nearly 4000 events. From a simple cofee break-up conferences and conventions, we take care of all steps so you have peace of mind and security. We have a structure consisting of:

  • 6,000 m² of total area
  • Shows room with 2400m ² in span (no columns)
  • Areas Disabled person access and PNEs
  • 06 dressing room and full production
  • Stage of 400m ² with 20m x 8 proscenium arch, 16m and 14m warp depth
  • Sound and lighting equipment of high technology
  • Physical and acoustic insulation which allows the achievement of up to three simultaneous events
  • Modular system that allows the realization from an intimate show to a Broadway musical
  • VIP Room with Winter Garden
  • Millinery
  • Buffet with standard International specializes in catering for events Corporative
  • Bar and Cafe
  • Specialized and trained professionals for reception, security, fire brigade, production of shows and events and ticket
  • Valet Service